Barz Stacks provides you with over 50 different Stacks for all kind of effects and use-cases. With the purchase you will get free lifetime upgrades. More...


In the template section you will find examples of using Barz Stacks. You will get project files, template files and tutorials on how to achieve the desired effects. More...


Stacks 2 adds flexible, powerful, extensible layout to RapidWeaver®. Building pages is as easy as drag and drop. Choose from dozens of included elements or over 250 3rd party stacks available for download.

Isaiah Carew from


You can be sure to get help if you encounter any problems with my Stacks. Over 95% of Barz-Stack users are satisfied with my support. And if one of my Stack lacks a feature you really need, just contact me and I will try to add it if possible.


First of all you need a Mac and Rapidweaver® from Realmacsoftware. Additionally you need the Stacks base plugin from

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