Rotator Stack will rotate and/or scale all contents of your Stack by simple CSS transformations. You can set up a rotation in degrees from -720 tp +720 and a scale factor from 1.0 to 10.0.


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  • Degrees: -720 to 720 degrees which the Stack will be rotated after hovering over it
  • Scale Factor: 1.00 to 10.00 is the factor which will scale the Stack's size
  • Animation time: 1s to 10s is the duration which will be needed to complete the scale and rotation effect
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This is a CSS feature so its compatibility is not guaranteed. But I tested the following browsers
  • Safari 5+: yes
  • Firefox 8+: yes
  • Chrome 16+: yes
  • Opera 11.52: yes
  • IE 7+8: no
  • IE 9: yes but it has some problems. Scaling text works. Rotating text is not fine. Rotating images looks good. But scaling and rotating is not animated anyway