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Smooth Scrolling Stack


Smooth Scrolling Stack will scroll you to a specific position on your page. Simply set up if it should scroll to the top, to the bottom or a custom position. Custom positions can for example be IDs of specific DOM elements.
Find out more about parameter
Find out more about custom targets


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  • axis: Choose which axis should be used for scrolling (x and y, only x or only y)
  • scroll to: Start, 50% ,Max or a custom target (custom targets are IDs of DOM elements)
  • duration: time in ms which it will take to complete the scrolling process
  • easing function: You can choose an easing function which will be used to animate the scrolling. Find out more infos about easing functions here.
A custom target is a DOM element. The easiest way to identify such an element is by ID. For example you can create a HTML Stack and enter the following code:

<a id="my_custom_target">Jump to this position</a>

All you have to enter into the custom target field is #my_custom_target
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  • Safari: yes
  • Firefox: yes
  • Chrome: yes
  • Opera: yes
  • IE 7+: yes