Rollover Box

Create a Stack which can roll over other content. It's very simple to use. You only need the RolloverBox Stack which provides you with two drop zones. One is for the initial content which is visible as long as you don't activate the rollover effect.
The rollover effect can be triggered using the RolloverBox Control Stack which is included too. Once the effect is triggered the content from the second drop zone will roll over the initial content from the top.



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Settings RolloverBox Stack

    Id: Give each RolloverBox a unique name, you need to this in order to setup the RolloverBox Control Stack target

Settings RolloverBox Control Stack

    Id: Enter the id of the RolloverBox you want to control
    Show Rollover: Activate to let the rollover effect begin when clicking on this Stack. Uncheck to hide the content by clicking on this Stack
    Mouseover: Enable to activate the rollover effect by mouseover instead of mouse-click
    Duration: Time in ms how long the rolling over effect will need to finish

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6/7
Stacks 2 only
Stacks 2 / 3

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
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