AJAX Content Loader Stack

With an AJAX Content Loader Stack you can dynamically load content from other pages into a specific part of another page by clicking or hovering over an Activator Link



This is a sample page for loading content into a stack by AJAX. Just hover over this link.
On the right side should appear new content.

Try this link for some other content.
This will work with standard stacks like text and images as long as the image stack page is placed in the same folder as the Ajax Content Place page.
This is some kind of customizable standard stack that will be replaced by any AJAX Stack action
Stacks Image 6919
Winter in Kiel
Stacks Image 6925
Winter in Kiel
Stacks Image 6922
Winter in Kiel


    Mouse over: Activating will load the content by hovering with the mouse. Clicking the link will load the page completely. Deactivating will load the content only by clicking

How To

    Include Ajax Content Place stack where you want to display loaded content
    create a new stacks page that will be loaded and displayed
    Place the Ajax Content stack on the new page. Only content in this stack will be loaded into the Ajax Content Place stack
    Create a link to the created page and add a custom attribute: class with value 'ajax_load_content'
    Hovering over this link will load the content, clicking the link will bring you on the chosen page
There must be only one Ajax Content Place stack on every page

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6/7
Stacks 2 only
Stacks 2 / 3
Compatible to
responsive themes

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox