This Stack has been replaced by Stack Filter 2

Stack Filter

Stack Filter is a fancy list of stacks which can be tagged with keywords. The corresponding "Stack Filter Activator" will let you filter this list by setting up Stacks as clickable links. After clicking on an "Activator" the list is dynamically filtered by fancy animations. Try it out yourself in those two examples.
Stacks Image 2008
Stacks Image 15020
Stack Filter has been upgraded to Stack Filter 2. Please take a look here for the improved version



Live Example:
Take a look at my Stacks overview page, where you can filter all Stacks by category

Example with minimal design

Three switches to show all elements or to filter for elements with tag1 or tag3

Stack Filter elements:

  • Content of tag1

  • Content of tag2

  • Content of tag3

  • Content of tag2

  • Content of tag3

  • Content of tag1

Example with scale effect to filter for pictures with different kind of tags

Stack Filter elements:

  • Stacks Image 3451
    New years day
  • Stacks Image 3485
    New years day
  • Stacks Image 3457
  • Stacks Image 3497
  • Stacks Image 3493
  • Stacks Image 3495
  • Stacks Image 3501


    • Items: amount of list items which can be filtered
      padding top/left: Padding between each list item
      Unique identifier: each list of filterable items must have a unique id in order to allow two or more of these lists on one page
      collapse (edit mode): You can collapse a list of many many items to have a better overview of the rest of your Stacks on the page
    • Duration: time the effect will need to rearrange all items
      Show tags: define which items with this tag shall be shown. Use the tags you can enter on each Stack of the list or the predefined word "all" to show all items
      Stack Filter ID: Specify here the unique filter id of the "Filter Stack"
      Scale effect: dis-/reappearing items are shown using a scale effect

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox


Stacks Image 15033
Stack Filter has been upgraded to Stack Filter 2. Please take a look here for the improved version


Stacks Image 3683

Download Project File (An installed Stack-Filter Stack - not the demo Stack - is required!)

Please use these demo files - demo stack, demo project (works only with this demo stack file) to check if your Stacks work inside the Stack filter. Some Stacks with special events won't work because of problems with event handler bindings, so please check it out before you buy...

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6/7
Stacks 2 only
Stacks 2 / 3
Compatible to
responsive themes
Internet connection
for preview