Tweet Stack

Send Tweets from your website and and let the news spread around the world.

Tweet Stack will let you and your website visitors create tweets about your website. Standard settings will use the current page's url and title for the tweet. You can customize these values, setup the way tweet counts are shown (none, vertical or horizontal). You can even setup which twitter account should be related to the tweet and will be shown as follow option after the tweet is sent.


without counter (en)
with counter (horizontal, de)
with counter (vertical, es)





    Custom url: If set you can enter an url for the tweet otherwise the current page's url is used
    Custom text: You can enter a custom tweet text. Otherwise the page's title is used.
    Add related account: Enter an account which will be shown as related to this tweet, so the twittering person gets this as a "Follow this account" option.
    Language: 'en', 'de', 'es', ...
    Data count: None, Horizontal and Vertical set the way the number of tweets are shown
    Data Size: Size of the button: Medium or Large

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6/7
Stacks 2 only
Stacks 2 / 3
Stacks 3 only
Stacks 3.x
Internet connection
for preview