Stack Lightbox 3

Stack Lightbox 3 was rewritten especially for Stacks 3. Responsive and light-weight this one is your choice for displaying content in an outstanding way.


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How To

    At first you need a Stack Lightbox 3 Loader once per page. There you can setup all neccessary options to make the lightbox just look right on your page.
    Then you can either link to an image resource file or
    You can add a Stack Lightbox 2 and link to that inline content. Each of the added inline content Stacks need a unique id to link to.
    Just create link on your page and set the target (# in case you are linking to a Stack Lightbox). Please add the key "data-featherlight" and the value of the Stack Lightbox (for example: .my-inline-stack)
    If you link to a image resource please add the key "data-featherlight" and value "image"
    If you link to a website, YouTube or Vimeo please add the key "data-featherlight" and value "iframe". Additionally you should use the following keys in order to setup the dimensions correctly
      key: data-featherlight-iframe-width, value: 800
      key: data-featherlight-iframe-height, value: 600
      key: data-featherlight-iframe-max-width, value: 100%

Lightbox Stack Comparison

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Other Content

Gallery function

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External Websites

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    Overlay Color: Background color of the overlay
    Opacity: 1 is for no transparency and 0 is for full transparency. A value of about 0.8 will look really cool
    Frame Color: The color of the frame around the lightboxed content
    Close Color: This is the color of the small close icon in the corner
    Close BG Color: This is the background color of the small close icon in the upper right corner
    Close Opacity: 1 is for no transparency and 0 is for full transparency.

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6/7
Stacks 3 only
Stacks 3.x
Compatible to
responsive themes